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Peak Training Lab

Private, boutique gym with personal training customised to your fitness goals

Your personal, private training space

We understand that hitting the gym might be intimidating with other gym-goers around. But it doesn't have to be.


That's why we created Peak Training Lab, a place of privacy for one-on-one personal training with your very own dedicated fitness trainer, so you can have happier workouts and better results.


Here, you can feel at ease with our inclusive and welcoming environment to reach your fitness goals.

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Better customisation, better results

Your training program will be carefully customised to meet the requirements of your goals, experience and interests, so we can help you maximise your performance and results.

At the start of each training phase, our coaches sit down with you one-on-one, to plan out your very own program together.


With our clients ranging from working professionals to athletes, we are able to tailor-fit your training towards your lifestyle, preferences and availability.

Train smarter,
not just harder

We provide practical, innovative training solutions that are guaranteed to improve your health and fitness.


Our programs are designed and backed by science, and our personal trainers are all academically qualified and heavily experienced in multiple sport types. 


We understand that having a reliable personal trainer is important for achieving your fitness results. Here at Peak Training Lab, be rest assured that our top-notch trainers will guide you in every step of your fitness journey, with advice that is evidence-based.


Our services


Personal training

Personal training at Peak Training Lab is fully individualised according to your experience, fitness goals and time. Our training methodologies are led by scientific evidence, ensuring consistent progress. Having a reliable personal trainer creates a sense of accountability, leading to greater commitment and results.


Semi Private Classes

Workout with like-minded people in a guided session. Each semi-private class is limited to 4-pax!

The beauty of a semi-private class is that you can expect the difficulty session to be scaled accordingly, and experience the full perks of working out in a community.


Injury Rehabilitation

Injuries from sport or regular lifestyle can be detrimental to sporting performance and quality of life. At Peak Training Lab, we also provide comprehensive injury rehabilitation services. 

What our clients say

"Training at peak helped me to start this journey at my own pace. It’s a comfortable environment to learn and I’ve been able to see improvement after every training session—whether it’s in my form or in my strength."

Bernice, Designer

"As someone who was intimidated by regular gyms, having the small private space to work out and learn with a buddy is something I would recommend for those who are interested to try weight training. All in all I can feel and see the results and training at Peak."

Swee En, Regional Manager

"When I signed myself up at Peak Training Lab, I had more important goals in mind, to learn something new and see what my body can achieve. 6 weeks later, not only have I seen my body stats improve, I’ve grown stronger and needlessly to say, learned a lot about my body.

Suria, Assistant Director

Our facilities

We are at
City Gate Mall

Peak Training Lab

371 Beach Road #02-34 City Gate Mall 199597

We are directly connected to Nicoll Highway MRT via a sheltered overhead bridge. 

Parking Options:

Per hour parking at City Gate Mall available. We are right beside the lift lobby to the carpark on Level 2.

Bus Options:

We are served by two bus stops.

Sultan Plaza: 107, 107M, 961, 961C, 980
Beach Road – Opp St. John HQ: 100, 961, 961C, 980

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