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Dylan Soh

The Peak Training Lab was founded by Head Coach, Dylan Soh. He wanted to create a safe space for individuals to achieve their fitness goals through research-backed training methods. Passionate about high performance training, he works with the National Softball Men’s Team and Singapore Golf Association Squad as a strength and conditioning coach in the Singapore Sports Institute. Dylan is also an avid climber since end 2021, hit him up for a bouldering session!

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Shin is a passionate and diligent coach who has experience in both personal training, as well as strength and conditioning. He has worked with high-level athletes from several sports such as Silat, Taekwondo, and Floorball in his time at the Singapore Sport Institute, and has helped a myriad of individuals in the general population reach their strength and fitness goals as a personal trainer. Apart from the iron game, Shin is a practitioner of the sweet science and has aspirations of stepping into the ring as a competitor one day. He is currently pursuing his PhD in motor learning and skills acquisition, holds an ASCA L1 and ACSM-CPT, and graduated top of his cohort in Sport Science.

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Tiffy is an active powerlifter with over 6 years of competitive experience. Driven by her passion in lifting, she hopes to share her knowledge to help people get stronger. Tiffy also has a growing interest in nutrition which she integrates into her clients' fitness programs.

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